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With APCO SUZUKI's Keys to happiness, get assured rider's jacket, corporate discount of ₹2500, free insurance and exchange bonuses. With a low interest rate of just 0.99% and a chance to win the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, Apple iPads, Bose Speakers and Panasonic LED TVs, now is the best time to upgrade your ride to a Suzuki. So come on down to our showroom and get yourself a Suzuki and try your luck to win a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza #APCOSUZUKI #Suzuki #SuzukiIndia #KeyToHappiness #VitaraBrezza #Calicut
Welcome every road and embrace everything without a worry in the world, all with your very own Suzuki Access 125. The world is waiting, show the world your potential with Suzuki. Get a test ride and be in love. #APCOSUZUKI #Suzuki #Access125 #Scooters #HavingFun #Calicut
The Suzuki Gixxer SP is equipped with Mono Shock with 7 step adjustment for added stability and flexibility for various riders and riding conditions. Get addicted to the thrill of the ride with the Suzuki GixxerSP, for life should be awesome. #APCOSUZUKI #Suzuki #SuzukiIndia #Gixxer #MonoShock #amgixxer
A rider should always be alert, are you? Spot the 2 differences in this image and comment the time it took you to do so. Let's see who is the fastest! #APCOSUZUKI #Suzuki #SuzukiIndia #Quiz #FunandGames #Calicut
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